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End to End

Banks; It is looking for a main banking solution that can be kept under control with high performance, safe, fast adaptation to innovations, easy switchover, both the latest and total cost of ownership.


Symphony Banking; It is a package solution which is integrated with environmental systems, simple and easy to use, capable and equipped with the most up-to-date technology software.


Symphony Banking World Overview

The basic banking practices are differentiated by their ability to ci manage ci and not birbir record Temel them. Multi-tiered and service-oriented technical architecture, process design and workflow capabilities that enable processes to be easily identified and implemented, fast and easy integration with environmental components, growth and sustainable structure, and high security mechanisms are some of the key topics. The most important expectations of the banks are the rapid and timely delivery of the designed product and the advantage of competition.

The Symphony Banking, meets all banking requirements, has a high level of integration capability, supports multi-language support including Cyrillic and Arabic alphabets, works in cloud environment, supports multiple bank and branch environments, minimizes user errors affected, minimum user training needs, business units, a large part of the process that allows them to design a solution..





Discover what Symphony Banking can do for your business!

Multi Language


Easy Manageable Job / Approval Flow

Cloud Infrastructure


Service Based, Paremetric Modular

Multilayer Architecture

Drag - Drop Screen Designs and Automatic Code Generation

Product & Process Architecture Management

Single Point Pricing & Commission Management

Debug Feature in Live Environment

Data Quality Control Mechanism at Every Step

"Low cost and fast development, easy integration capability and a completely customer-oriented banking application Symphony Banking offers you more than you need today.".


In 9 Countries
In Different Banks
Success Stories









All Banking Product & Service Family

75+ Branched Bank
All Banking Products and Services Family





We use Symphony Banking as the main banking software in our Group's banks in Russia, Credit Europe, Oney (partner with Auchan group) and Ikano (partner with Ikea group). With this application, we can provide our customers with services such as credit, credit card, cash card, insurance products and opening an account. The system availability is well above the Russian standards with 99.9%.

Symphony Banking; In the dynamic Russian credit market and under rapidly changing legislation conditions, I think the bank has a very important contribution to the competitiveness of the bank thanks to its capacity to produce products to the market.



All banking implemented as a solution partner that meets the needs of Turkey and core banking applications that are being used in a total of 9 countries, including the 'Symphony Core Banking Application', goes one step ahead of traditional banking applications with fast and flexible infrastructure.

As well as being able to adapt quickly to technological developments, Symphony has a high level of security mechanism and user-friendly user experience. Thanks to its agile structure, the application will provide its customers with fast product and solution suggestions and will provide significant advantages to the competitive market.



Core system is a flexible system which can handle the processing of every trade finance transaction. The system provides automatic accounting entries, automatic generation of letters and SWIFT messages and can follow up almost every different stage of a Trade Finance transaction. Also the term transactions can be easy processed due to the possibility to preschedule of the SWIFT messages to be generated automatically at maturity.

The CORE system is user friendly with logical build screens following the logic of the transaction itself, a user familiar with Trade Finance will therefore experience the CORE system as a natural/familiar environment  during processing and does not require much training. The use of the CORE system will improve the efficiency of a standard manual trade finance department with about thirty percent.


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